About SeaSide Organic Remedies

SEASIDE ORGANIC REMEDIES is a Home-based Cottage Business Homeopathic, 100% Natural & Therapeutic Remedies.

All the Natural Home-Made Cannabis Products are made in small batches, by hand with LUV 😊♥️ Made with Medical Grade Cannabis & enhanced with additional CBDs & THC (in Therapeutic pain products) or CBDs alone.

My flagship product is Sea Side Re-Vive a Canna Body Butter Used for relief of pain and also proven successful on burns and deep scaring.

Now available are 2 sizes of the body butter, bath salts in 2 scents either refreshing or relaxing, facial serum and 2 scents of a face moisturizer (can be used anywhere extra moisture is needed) Now also carrying 4:1 THC:CBD & CBD oils  😊❤️.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed doing all the research to bring the best of what natures miracle plant can offer. I’m learning more & more & looking forward to sharing this exciting adventure with one & all.

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  • Canna Body Butter
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  • Medical Marijuana
  • Canna Body Butter
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Our Natural Home-Made Medical Grade Cannabis include: SeaSide Re-Vive | SeaSide Re-Store Re-Lax | SeaSide Re-Fresh & Re-Start | SeaSide Re-Vitalize | SeaSide Re-Juvenate | Seaside Re-Nu | Seaside The Bomb | SeaSide Re-Set & De-Stress | SeaSide Re-Structure (Hair)

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