SeaSide Organic Remedies

Homeopathic, 100% Natural & Therapeutic Remedies

All the Natural Home-Made Medical Grade Cannabis Products are made in small batches, by hand with LUV
Made with Medical Grade Cannabis & enhanced with additional CBDs & THC (in Therapeutic pain products) or CBDs alone.

Our Natural Home-Made Medical Grade Cannabis include: SeaSide Re-Vive | SeaSide Re-Store Re-Lax | SeaSide Re-Fresh & Re-Start | SeaSide Re-Vitalize | SeaSide Re-Juvenate | Seaside Re-Nu | Seaside The Bomb | SeaSide Re-Set & De-Stress | SeaSide Re-Structure (Hair)

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About SeaSide Organic Remedies

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed doing all the research to bring the best of what natures miracle plant can offer. ...

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  • Kolt Williams

  • Ann Vansnick

  • Nicole Partridge

Being an old athlete I have many aches and pains. I use canna rub by seaside organic daily on muscle aches and pains. It’s the only way I can relax after a long day. I would strongly recommend to anyone!

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I have tried the Canna Body Butter. Put on my ankle that aches so bad at night it keeps me awake usually. The butter has helped ease the ache so I can sleep! Thank you ❤️

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I use seaside moisturizer,serum and canna rub and I Love them all❤️The canna rub is the only thing that's helped my back topically since my surgery in 2013 and who doesn't wanna use something Natural instead of popping a pill😁😁😁

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